• Wafer gripper for extreme fast, reliable, precise and gentle handling of wet wafers in wet bench applications
  • Handling of wafers after etching and cleaning processes
  • Loading and unloading of conveyor belts
  • Fully or partially automated production of PV cells with maximum process stability, production line uptime, cell efficiency and line output
Product Highlights
  • Specially positioned and dimensioned suction points enable safe handling of wet wafers
  • Extremely fast and accurate handling thanks to low height and weight
  • High suction capacity allows safe gripping even with partial occupancy or leakage e.g. with perforated wafers
  • Controlled discharge of sucked air (optional) prevents contamination of the process area
  • Quick release function enables precise wafer positioning
Wafer Grippers SWGm Wet
  • Base model version with discharging exhaust air (3) in axial (A) or lateral (S) direction
  • Suction area geometries available in common cell sizes 125 mm and 156 mm (5" and 6")
  • Optional component (II) for controlled discharging of exhaust air
  • Modular design with accessories for the mounting of sensors and modules for suction and damping (I) and a selection of flange modules (III)
  • Minimal overall height through reduced-weight plastic design
  • Replaceable contact surfaces
  • Dimensions: 115 x 115 mm and 146 x 146 mm
  • Basic version with side exhaust
  • Material suction surface: PEEK
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