Oil-free pump with const. suct. rate robust, requ. little maintenance long service life, cont. operation

Current typethree-phase current
Voltage at 50HzD230V/Y400V ±10%
Voltage at 60HzD265V/Y460V ±10%
Voltage at 60 Hz optD230V/Y400V±10% (no IE3)
Suction rate (50 Hz)67 m³/h
Suction rate (60 Hz)78.5 m³/h
Sound level at 50 Hz72 dB(A)
Vacuum (50 Hz)-900 mbar
Vacuum (60 Hz)-900 mbar
Rated power 50 Hz2.2 kW
Rated power 60 Hz2.6 kW
Weight79 kg
Attribute Value
B 353 mm
B2 46 mm
d 12 mm
G3 G1"-F
G5 M8-F
H 328 mm
L 747 mm
L2 96 mm
X1 326 mm
Y1 190 mm
Y2 95 mm
Attribute Value
Suction rate (50 Hz) 67 m³/h
Suction rate (60 Hz) 78.50 m³/h
Voltage at 50Hz D230V/Y400V ±10%
Voltage at 60Hz D265V/Y460V ±10%
Rated power 50 Hz 2.20 kW
Rated power 60 Hz 2.60 kW
Sound level at 50 Hz 72 dB(A)
Weight 79 kg
Protection type IP IP 55
Current type AC3
Product family EVE-TR X


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Ordering information: EVE-TR-X 80 AC3 IE3-TYP1

Vacuum pump EVE-TR-X is delivered as a ready to connect product.


Available spare parts: filter insert, set of parts subject to wear

Available accessories: vacuum regulation valve