Bellows suction cup (oval), very hard-wearing, for narrow workpieces

Dimensions (LxB)18 x 14
Suction cup materialSilicone SI-HD
Material hardness [Shore A]65 Shore A
Number of folds1.5
FGAO 18x14 SI-HD-65 N016
Attribute Value
B1 13.70 mm
b2 5 mm
Bmax(S) 14 mm
Bs 12.50 mm
d 4.50 mm
H 13.50 mm
l2 9.50 mm
L1 18.20 mm
Lmax(S) 18.50 mm
Ls 16.90 mm
Z (Stroke) 5 mm
Attribute Value
Suction force (-600mbar) 2.10 N
Dimensions (LxB) 18 x 14
Number of folds 1.50
Suction cup material Silicone SI-HD
Material hardness [Shore A] 65 Shore A
Product family FGAO

Ordering information: FGAO 18x14 SI-HD-65 N016