• Oval suction cup for handling of elongated workpieces, including curved objects, such as sections, pipes, packaging materials
  • Handling of frame elements, such as doors and windows
  • Considerably higher suction force than round, flat suction cups when handling narrow workpieces
Product Highlights
  • Flat suction cups in oval design for long workpieces (profiles, pipes) or flat workpieces with webs
  • Two-ear clamp prevents unintentional twisting during use (from size 24 x 8 mm)
  • High suction force with small dimensions
  • Support surfaces on the bottom prevent permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
Flat Suction Cups SGON
  • Robust, wear-resistant suction cup SGON (3) with single sealing lip, consisting of suction cup SGO (2) and connection nipple (1)
  • Nipple plugged into cup
  • From size 24 x 8 mm, the suction cup is additionally secured with a two-ear clamp (anti-rotation device)
  • With each nipple family, the replacement cups and nipples can be combined as desired
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2 to 90 x 30 mm
  • Material: HT1, NBR, NBR-ESD, NBR-CO, SI, SI-HD
  • Additional anti-rotation device from size 24 x 8 mm
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