• Suction plate for handling of flat and smooth workpieces such as glass and plastic sheets where high lateral forces are important, e.g. through high accelerations or vertical handling
  • Handling of very thin workpieces, such as flat glass (float glass) or coated glass
  • Use in glass manufacturing processes where interleavant powder is used
  • Handling of solar modules, e.g. in module manufacturing processes
Product Highlights
  • Thin, flat sealing lip (Ø 125 mm to 200 mm) for low relative movement during suction
  • Steep sealing lip (Ø 250 mm to 400 mm) for optimum damping effect during suction
  • Low total weight allows high acceleration in automated processes
  • Large effective suction area for high suction and lateral forces in dynamic processes
Suction Plates SGF
  • Aluminum support plate (1) and sealing ring (2)
  • Diameter 125 mm to 200 mm: replaceable sealing ring and thin, flat sealing lip
  • Diameter 250 mm to 400 mm: vulcanized sealing ring and steep sealing lip
  • Central vacuum connection, optionally with clip-in filter screen (3) as pre-filter
  • Eccentric connection for touch valve (4) or filter screen (5), as a standard closed with a plug (secured with adhesive)
  • Special designed internal structure for handling glass sheets when interleavant powder is used in the process
  • Diameter: 125 to 400 mm
  • Material: EPDM, HT1
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