Our tradition is our future.

We were already living sustainability long before the term became popular. Since the founding of our company in 1910 in Glatten - the headquarters of Schmalz - efficient and resource-saving management has been one of the basic principles of the company. Sustainability has a long tradition with us - a tradition which has become a success factor in the face of many global changes.

Even though we are dealing with different topics today than 100 years ago: For us, sustainability is a compass that keeps us on course in economic, ecological and social issues. Only if economic success, ecological responsibility and social commitment function as a holistic system can a long-term stable foundation be established. We bundle our sustainability measures in the Schmalz ecoSYSTEM - a visible sign of the holistic, sustainable management at Schmalz.

Sustainability cannot go it alone

When it comes to sustainability, Schmalz sets a good example - and not only in its own company. As a member of various networks, Schmalz works on sustainability topics across companies. We use these platforms for the exchange of experiences, for further training and for mutual stimulation. We are also involved in local networks, for example the IHK Nordschwarzwald (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), through active participation in the exchange with partner companies.

Our networks at a glance

Multiple certified

With certified standards, Schmalz guarantees its partners sustainable work processes. We have been certified for quality management, environmental management and energy management for many years.


DIN ISO 9001 (quality management) since 1994


DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management) since 1997


DIN ISO 50001 (energy management) since 2012