Social Commitment

The word "social" describes the regulated coexistence of people in a society. Good coexistence is created where individuals, organisations and companies are actively involved and invest their energy in the community. In concrete terms, this means creating freedom for your own employees and providing them with the best possible support in all areas of life. Commitment to young people and their future opportunities and education. And not to lose sight of the weak. This is how Schmalz sees it and is therefore involved in many different ways.

The more satisfied employees are, the better and more productive they are. This explains why Schmalz does so much for the well-being of its employees both during and outside working hours. Because motivated, committed and qualified employees are the backbone of Schmalz's success.

This is why Schmalz supports its employees in all areas of life - the benefits go far beyond mere remuneration. Above all, the flexibility of the employees is important: With the services offered, they create the necessary freedom to perfectly balance their professional and private lives.

Achieving more together: the SGM City of Dornstetten-Glatten

The four football clubs Glatten, Dornstetten, Aach and Hallwangen all faced the same challenge: there was a lack of young talent for the youth teams. So the four youth boards decided to form their D- to A-youth into clubs in the SGM town of Dornstetten-Glatten.

The concept of the gaming pool has convinced us from the very beginning. After all, clubs play a key role in conveying values such as discipline, determination, team spirit and respect to children and young people. Because Schmalz has been committed to the region around its headquarters in Glatten for many years, the company and especially children and young people, all the conditions for a successful partnership were in place.

Today, our support extends far beyond the sponsoring of jerseys: the young people of the SGM are regular guests at Schmalz, for example for applicant training, at the career information day or at exciting presentations by athletes. Every year, we present the "Team of the Year" with the Schmalz Award.

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Laying the foundations for future skilled workers: the training initiative

Anyone looking for a training place as a special school leaver in the Freudenstadt district has a hard time. The offer is scarce, the career prospects anything but rosy. For this reason, the Freudenstadt training initiative was founded in 2007. Within three years, it trains young people to become precision metalworkers. Schmalz was one of the initiators of the initiative.

The initiative aims to integrate young people into the professional world and society, to teach them social skills and to actively support them in their personal development. The training is accompanied by support and remedial teaching, which is specially tailored to the target group of special needs pupils.

The successes of the training initiative speak for themselves: To date, more than 100 metalworkers have been trained and 90 percent are still in permanent employment. As part of the nationwide competition "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas", the training initiative received the award of "Selected Landmark".

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International commitment of Schmalz

The Schmalz subsidiaries abroad also support important activities and institutions:

Schmalz India

About 25 girls and boys from the 9th and 10th classes learn the basics of pneumatics in a weekly course. Schmalz India provides learning materials and products for this purpose.

Schmalz India

Schmalz India supports the weekly German lessons for about 130 children from kindergarten age to 6th grade.

Schmalz USA

Schmalz USA regularly supports various local institutions with monetary and material donations, including the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, which cares for hungry children and adults.

Schmalz Italy

Schmalz Italy sponsored new jerseys for the youth basketball team of Scuola Basket Ticino.