Contoured Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL


Contoured vacuum block VCBL-GL for flat table machines (e.g. Bando Kiko) for edge processing of glass workpieces in the production of automotive glass
Edge grinding of small side windows (e.g. vents and quarters) where standard vacuum bocks do not provide sufficient suction area
The geometry of the upper suction plate is specially adapted to the workpiece to be machined in order to achieve maximum frictional forces
Optimal use of the existing clamping surface due to suction plate individually adapted to the workpiece
Special friction material ensures high lateral force absorption
Low height tolerance of the contoured vacuum block enables machining with maximum precision
Increased service life of the suction cup, as the sealing cord can be replaced individually
Design with reversing function enables processing of left and right side windows

Ordering information

Schmalz manufactures the Contoured Vacuum Blocks according to specific measurements provided by the customer. The lower suction plate is predefined with a square or rectangular base area, but can also be produced in custom shapes. The upper suction plate is produced based on the shape of the component.

Order Process from Workpiece to Contoured Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL

1. Analysis of workpiece drawing

  • The workpiece area is determined

2. Determination of clearance (C) requiring for machining

  • Remaining area after substracting area (C) from the workpiece area is the potential suction area of the workpiece plate

3. Selection of base plate*:

  1. By shape:
    Comparable to workpiece shape
  2. Independent of workpiece shape (L x B)
    Base plate area >  Workpiece area

*Exception: For suction cups with turning function, base plate shape equals workpiece plate shape

Design Requirements

A DXF file of the workpiece with the following specifications is required for design:

  • Unit of measure - millimeters [mm] or inches [in]
  • Scale (1:X)
  • Exact dimensions of the workpiece to be clamped
Base plate variant Square Rectangular Other shapes
Dimensions L x B [mm] L x B [mm] A [cm²]
Design: S 200 x 200 mm 200 x 100 mm < 200 cm²
Design: M 300 x 300 mm 300 x 100 mm < 300 cm²
Design: L 400 x 400 mm 400 x 200 mm < 800 cm²
Block Height [mm] 81.5 mm 81.5 mm 81.5 mm