• Mechanical clamping system for CNC machining machines with flat table system
  • Particularly suitable for narrow and curved workpieces such as frame parts and window profiles
  • Set-up is efficient, safe and tool-free; the clamp is fixed to the machine table by vacuum
  • Tool-free adjustment of the clamping height to the workpiece within seconds
  • Clamping of the workpiece by activating the vacuum on the machine table
Product Highlights
  • Triangular clamping disc with tool-free quick adjustment enables shortest set-up times
  • Clamping force of 700 N ensures safe clamping even with narrow workpieces
  • No additional medium required, as the clamp can be activated via operating vacuum of the CNC machining centre
  • Special friction materials on the clamping disc and clamping surface ensure a secure hold even with high machining forces
  • Can be used for a wide range of workpieces thanks to its very large clamping range
Mechanical Clamps VCMC-G-QUICK
  • Triangular clamping disc (1) is adjustable in clamping height and contact surface on the workpiece without tools and is lowered by activating the vacuum
  • Friction material (2) for optimizing lateral force absorption
  • Main body (3) made of aluminum with hose connections for connecting the vacuum
  • Changeable sealing frame as interface (4) to the flat table for fixing the clamp by vacuum
  • Clamping system for vacuum flat tables
  • For frames and window profiles
  • Pre-fixation by vacuum
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