Aluminum Bridge Cranes

Schmalz aluminum overhead crane systems offer impressive low friction operation. A favorable weight-load ratio ensures that even heavy work pieces are handled effortlessly. The equal distribution of loads on all the supporting rollers prevents the transport trolleys from tilting. The modular design allows the crane system to be attached to any steel structure or other superstructure.


Modular crane system for flexible and cost-effective assembly of individual crane solutions
Use in almost all internal production, assembly and logistics processes for manual or automated handling of loads of all kinds
Particularly suitable for large workspaces
Lift capacity up to 1,200 kg
Ergonomic handling thanks to outstanding low-friction operation and low moving mass
Reduction of throughput times due to high working speed and positioning accuracy
Cost-efficient adaptation to individual requirements and lift capacities
Maximum safety through independent strength calculation of all load-bearing components according to the FEM method
Designed according to the latest state of the art (DIN EN 13001)

(1) Transport trolley

Connection of crane bridge and hoist

Electrical traction drive as an option

(2) Aluminum crane bridge

(3) Chain hoist

(4) Energy supply

Trailing cable or conductor line

(5) Aluminum crane runway

Lightweight and robust

Weights from 3 kg/m

(6) Modular ceiling suspension system

Optimum connection to existing building structures

Lightweight and Robust Aluminum Section
Lightweight and Robust Aluminum Section
  • Weight optimized extruded section with hollow chamber geometry (weight from 3 kg/m)
  • Inner web for reinforced vertical support
  • Material: Aluminum natural anodized (EN AW 60 63 T66)
  • Five section sizes for loads weighing up to 1,200 kg
  • Section lengths up to 8,000 mm can be extended as needed using rail connectors
  • Dovetail for retroactive mounting of variable end stops
  • Lateral grooves for connecting accessories
End plate
End plate
  • Attractive closing off of sections
  • Protection from dirt
Reinforcement section
Reinforcement section
  • Increases range and suspension distance by up to 50% while maintaining the same maximum load
  • Increases the maximum load for installed crane systems
Rail connector
Rail connector
  • Positive and non positive connection of sections for crane runways or bridges larger than 8,000 mm
  • Full load capacity at the interface
Transport Trolley with Optimal Running Performance
Transport Trolley with Optimal Running Performance
  • Stable aluminum pressure cast construction for loads weighing up to 1,000 kg
  • Only one transport trolley required to connect the crane bridge and hoist; thus less parts
  • Double transport trolley for loads weighing up to 1,200 kg
  • Optimal running performance thanks to large rollers made from high performance plastic
  • Upward and downward forces absorbed by only six rollers
  • Optimized for low ceiling heights thanks to its compact size
  • Eccentric pressure rollers to compensate vertical forces in telescopic booms
Crane bridge suspension element
Crane bridge suspension element
  • Maximum load 2,000 kg
  • Swivel mounted as standard
  • Easy replacement of the joint
  • 90° design for standard crane bridge; 0° design for telescopic rails
Fixed end stops
Fixed end stops
  • Prevents transport trolleys from falling out
  • Positive locking for maximum safety
  • Tool free mounting
Variable end stops
Variable end stops
  • Easy adjustment of the crane bridge and hoist travel path
  • Demarcation of several working areas and the cable storage device
  • Can be mounted at a later stage
Antishock end stops
Antishock end stops
  • Gentle stopping of transport trolleys if end stops have to be reached e.g. for dynamic applications and telescopic jibs
Distance connectors
Distance connectors
  • Stiffener for mounting rigid load and lifting axes
  • Available for all section sizes
Service station
Service station
  • Easy replacement of transport trolleys, particularly for long crane systems and for crane systems with several crane bridges
  • Available for all section sizes
  • Fully resilient depending on the section size
Low headroom module
Low headroom module
  • Raises crane bridge to the level of the crane runway
  • Reduces the overall height of crane systems for low ceiling heights or transit roads
Spring return for telescopic jib incl. damping
Spring return for telescopic jib incl. damping
  • Returns telescopic jibs after reaching into difficult to access areas
  • Optimal work flow thanks to the independent return of the jib
Safety cables
Safety cables
  • Further secures crane bridges, crane runways and hoists by means of steel cables
Electrical Traction Drive
Electrical Traction Drive
  • Drive loads weighing up to 800 kg in overhead crane systems
  • Suitable for all section sizes
  • Quick movement and precise positioning thanks to two continuously adjustable driving speeds
  • Low noise and vibration levels due to Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • Adjustable travel path by means of a hub switch
  • Very good grip thanks to a large surface drive wheel (no slip through)
  • Optimal connection to Schmalz chain hoists thanks to current feed through
Suspended, height-adjustable
Suspended, height-adjustable
  • Most common suspension
  • Compensation of height differences in the ceiling structure by up to 30 mm
Rigid, height-adjustable
Rigid, height-adjustable
  • Absorption of upward forces for telescopes, lifting axes or manipulators
Rigid short 0°
Rigid short 0°
  • Reduction of the overall height for low ceiling heights
Rigid short 90°
Rigid short 90°
  • 90° rotated design to reduce the overall height for low ceiling heights
Anchor plates for concrete ceilings
Anchor plates for concrete ceilings
  • Special high-performance anchors with approval for dynamic loading
  • Required concrete quality C20/C25, concrete thickness min. 200 mm
Clasp for wooden girders and laminated beams
Clasp for wooden girders and laminated beams
  • Safe mounting on wooden girders and laminated beams
Extension by up to 2,000 mm
Extension by up to 2,000 mm
  • Extension of the suspension to max. 2,000 mm for high ceilings
  • Diagonal brace required for stabilization
Diagonal suspension
Diagonal suspension
  • Connection for ceiling structures with inclines greater than 8°
  • Diagonal brace required for stabilization
Conductor Line
Conductor Line
  • Wireless energy supply for electrical devices supplied in the crane such as the chain hoist or vacuum lifting device
  • Profit from usable ceiling height as there are no cable storage devices or cable loops to cause interference
  • Ideal for crane systems with several bridges
  • Low surplus loading of the crane system thanks to lightweight plastic rails
  • Easy mounting thanks to adapted suspensions and spring loaded connectors for copper contacts
Trailing Cable
Trailing Cable
  • Most common form of energy supply via cable trolleys in the aluminum section
  • Suitable for power cables (flat cables) and hoses (vacuum and compressed air)
  • Easy mounting thanks to pre-assembled cable trolley
  • Maximum dimensions: approx. 8 x 30 m
  • Maximum load: approx. 1200kg (depending on crane girder's own weight)
  • Weight of smallest crane profile: only 3,0 kg/m
Type Height [mm] Weight [kg/m] Max. lift capacity [kg] Area moment of inertia [cm4] lz Area moment of inertia [cm4] ly Moment of resistance [kg] wz Moment of resistance [kg] wy
SRA-100 100 3.0 125 89 114 25 20
SRA-105 105 4.8 250 246 264 48 52
SRA-140 140 6.5 500 377 652 92 75
SRA-180 180 8.2 800 447 1,279 141 89
SRA-220 220 9.9 1,200 529 2,266 204 106
SRA-80-V* 80 4.0 - 143 177 - -

*Reinforcement section suitable for SRA-140, SRA-180 and SRA-220

High Load Capacity for Sections

The load diagram can be used for reference when selecting the section size while taking a specific maximum load and the suspension distances into account. The suspension distances stated are based on a deflection of 1:300, the common value for calculating crane systems. Smaller deflection values such as 1:400 may be required for certain applications.

Example: With a maximum load of 200 kg and a predetermined suspension distance of 5,000 mm the profile SRA-140 is used. The maximum deflection is then 17 mm (5,000 mm / 300).

Transport Trolley

Type Height [mm] Length [mm] Width [mm] Weight [kg] Max. lift capacity [kg]
Max. lift capacity [kg]
Transport trolley
125 240 55 1.4 1,000 1,000
Double transport trolley
150 500 75 6.5 1,200 1,200

*Subject to technical changes without notice


cf. 2nd chart in gallery

Type Max. drive load [kg] Speed [m/min] Weight [kg] Max. power [kW] Duty cycle [%]
Hoist drive (1) 800 0 - 40 19 0,25 60
Crane bridge drive (2) 800 0 - 40 34 0,5 60
Complete drive (3) 800 0 - 40 53 0,75 60


Technical information

Length 5 standard lengths of 500 mm to 4,000 mm (can be expanded as needed)
Number of poles 4-pole
Max. rated currents 40 A for 100 % duty cycle; 52 A for 60 % duty cycle
Ambient temperatures -30 °C to +60 °C
Flammability Difficult to ignite (DIN 4102-1 class B1)
Protection rating IP 23
Certification UL certified

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