Maintenance of Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

When designing Schmalz products, we place a particular emphasis on extremely low maintenance needs. To maintain constant productivity, and thus ideal work results, regular maintenance of the devices is, however, of utmost importance.

Of course, as a specialist we also support you during maintenance work. The maintenance intervals depend on various circumstances.

Vacuum lifters and crane systems: regular maintenance for maximum availability

To avoid potential repairs, we offer special maintenance contracts for our vacuum lifting devices. For long-term application without downtimes, our service technicians perform repeated checks and preventive maintenance on your lifting devices. This work is performed in a certain rotation. That rotation depends on factors such as the number of cycles, the shifts or the soiling of the devices' area of use.

Such maintenance keeps the devices' availability consistently high and avoids downtimes.

Accident prevention: enhanced safety with serviced vacuum systems

Because of its ergonomic construction, our systems provide for health and safety in the workplace. We are therefore also the right contact for accident prevention. Our service technicians perform inspections according to the statutory accident prevention rules at your facility on-site.

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Repair of Schmalz products

Do you have a defective device or a damaged component? We assist and support you in restoring your process as quickly as possible.

Is your product permanently integrated into your process? Then you need rapid help on site. Our service technicians repair defects quickly and reliably directly at your site.

Is the product removable? Please send defective pumps, valves and other components using our return form.

We will inspect the item and in the process locate the defective spot. We will create a repair estimate and discuss the options for replacement delivery or repair with you. Upon your approval, we process the item as quickly as possible and return a perfect, fully functional item to you.

Returning Schmalz products

Please inform our Customer Center of the return in advance. This will help us to correctly allocate the return when it arrives. We will be able to respond more quickly and provide you with fast and reliable feedback about your item.

Please be aware that we must charge a restocking fee.

  • Please fill out the following return form and then print it
  • Include the printout with your shipment
  • Always include a copy of the invoice or delivery note with your return
  • Mark the returned item(s) on this copy

Return form for your items