Vacuum Tube Lifters Jumbo Low-Stack

Ergonomic Pickup of Workpieces From low Positions


Picking up and depositing workpieces up to 80 kg from low heights while maintaining upright posture
Ergonomic handling in low and medium-height working areas
Ergonomic loading and unloading of transport containers, allowing you to reach deeply into e.g. grid boxes, crates, and cardboard boxes
Fast and frequent lifting and moving of boxes, bags and other airtight workpieces
Sustained reduction of back pain by maintaining upright posture while handling at low heights
Intuitive and reliable operation - the twist grip slides through the hand during the lifting movement without changing grip
Can be used for a wide range of workpieces and transport containers thanks to the wide range of grippers
The compact design is suitable for reaching into narrow containers
Reduced residual vacuum at the gripper makes it easy to release the workpiece
Awarded the seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.
Schmalz vacuum lifters and crane systems support the back and musculoskeletal system when lifting light and heavy loads. They reduce strain and help to make the work environment ergonomic. This is confirmed by the independent association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR) with its seal of approval.
  • Vacuum generation (1) by electric blower with lift capacity up to 80 kg
  • Flexible vacuum supply hose (2)
  • Shortened lifting unit (3) with sturdy lift tube and integrated rotary union for continuous rotation of the tube lifter
  • Operator handle (4) with lateral twist grip for lifting, lowering and releasing the load and integrated mechanism for adjusting the suspension height without load
  • Individually selected vacuum grippers (5) for a wide variety of workpieces
  • Optional: radio remote control for switching the tube lifter on/off, quick-change adapter for suction cups and much more