Vacuum Tube Lifters JumboErgo

For workpieces of many different shapes and sizes weighing up to 300 kg

MAX. 120 KG
MAX. 300 KG
MAX. 4 X 2 M

The twist grip on the JumboErgo is designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle. Large and heavy loads such as wooden boards, cardboard boxes and solar panels can be moved gently and precisely. The length of the operator handle can be varied, which allows the user to always maintain a safe distance from the load.


Fast and frequent lifting and moving of flat workpieces up to 300 kg
Responsive and precise handling of differently sized workpieces such as cardboard boxes, wooden boards or solar panels in internal logistics processes
Loading and unloading of CNC machining centers
Responsive and precise handling due to ergonomic operation with precisely controllable twist grip
Modular design and extensive gripper and accessories program for implementing individual requirements
Increases employee motivation and minimizes work-related musculoskeletal disorders
Optional radio remote control for up to 40 % energy savings
Optional pneumatic swiveling unit for swiveling workpieces up to 120 kg by 90°
Awarded the seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.
Schmalz vacuum lifters and crane systems support the back and musculoskeletal system when lifting light and heavy loads. They reduce strain and help to make the work environment ergonomic. This is confirmed by the independent association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR) with its seal of approval.

(1) Radio remote control SRC for vacuum generator (optional)

(2) Frequency control with vacuum blower SBV

(3) Twist grip for lifting, lowering and releasing the load

(4) Filter - changable without tools

(5) Suspension height can be adjusted without the load attached

(6) Quick-change adapter for vacuum grippers (optional)

Quick-change adapter
Quick-change adapter

Versatility is key: Schmalz offers the right suction cups for virtually any application. With quick-change adapter the gripper can be changed quickly and easily.

Single vacuum gripper
Single vacuum gripper

For compact goods such as cardboard boxes, barrels, buckets, jugs and cabinets.

Single vacuum gripper, long
Single vacuum gripper, long

For pallets, narrow cardboard boxes, beams, square tubes and other elongated workpieces.

Round vacuum gripper
Round vacuum gripper

For barrels, buckets or stone slabs with rough surfaces.

Sack gripper
Sack gripper

For paper and plastic bags, raw rubber bails and shrink-wrapped packages.

Double vacuum gripper
Double vacuum gripper

For cardboard boxes, crates or sheets. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Double vacuum gripper FMP
Double vacuum gripper FMP

For pallets, sections or cut pieces where the vacuum gripper is not fully covered by the workpiece. The grippers can be continuously adjusted along the beam.

Quadruple vacuum gripper
Quadruple vacuum gripper

For large cardboard boxes, sheets and non-rigid pieces. The vacuum grippers can be continuously adjusted lengthwise and crossways.

Multiple vacuum gripper
Multiple vacuum gripper

For uneven workpieces such as foil trays or unstable cardboard boxes. The individual vacuum grippers optimally compensate for any unevenness.

Needle gripper
Needle gripper

For air-permeable components such as soft wood fiber, rock wool, foam or insulation boards.

Mechanical grippers
Mechanical grippers

Schmalz offers mechanical gripper solutions for workpieces that cannot be vacuum-gripped, such as bags or open transport boxes.

Modular system for configuring custom grippers
Modular system for configuring custom grippers

In addition to a large number of pre-configured grippers, the modular gripper system adds additional configurations to the Jumbo product range. You can easily configure multiple vacuum grippers that are custom tailored to the respective application.

The vacuum tube lifters JumboErgo and JumboSprint can be configured specifically based on the requirements of each individual application due to their modular design. The technical data varies depending on the configuration and on the vacuum gripper chosen.

The following technical data are standard values.

Type Workpiece format*
Min [mm]
Workpiece format*
Max [mm]
Operator handle
length L [mm]
Max. lifting
speed [m/min]
Max. lifting stroke
Z [mm]
H** [mm]
JumboErgo 300x200 4,000x2,000 350-1,000 60 1,700 2,850
  300x200 4,000x2,000 350-1,000 60 2,100 3,400
JumboSprint 300x200 3,000x1,000 155-500 60 1,700 2,850
  300x200 3,000x1,000 155-500 60 2,100 3,400

A lift capacity of 140 kg and higher applies: lifting stroke Z +160 mm, height H +250 mm
*Depends on the vacuum gripper chosen
**Vacuum gripper not included (total height = H + height of the vacuum gripper)

Jumbo type Max. lift capacity [kg] Ø Lift tube
  Horizontal 90° swivel D [mm]
Ergo/Sprint 35 35 - 120
Ergo/Sprint 45 45 30 140
Ergo/Sprint 65 65 50 160
Ergo/Sprint 85 85 70 178
Ergo/Sprint 110 110 90 203
Ergo/Sprint 140 140 120 230
Ergo/Sprint 200 200 - 250
Ergo/Sprint 300 300 - 305

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