Test Center – Function Tests with Original Parts

We will be glad to assist you with our expertise and many years of experience, from planning all the way to commissioning of your vacuum System.

Endurance Tests

Our products are subject to endurance testing as part of their development. For example, suction cups are tested for wear resistance and chemical resistance to various environmental influences. Ejectors are tested for their performance capability and leak-tightness.

Function tests on entire systems

A part of project planning involves conducting trials with original workpieces. This ensures excellent performance and a high degree of safety. In order to carry out the tests under conditions that are as realistic as possible, Schmalz operates its own test center at its headquarters. There, it identifies potential weak points and solutions.

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Delivery Note for Test Samples

In order to find the ideal solution, we are happy to conduct tests with the samples you sent to us. Please enclose the following form to the delivery and send it to customercenter@schmalz.de in advance.