Vacuum End Effectors VEE

Configuring Rather than Designing


Fast and cost-effective design of vacuum end-effectors for high-speed packaging processes
Pick & place applications with delta, scara and articulated arm robots
Fully automated filling of cartons in case packers
Use in primary and secondary packaging processes
Feeding of products in top-loading machines, carton and tray erectors
Application in flexible packaging machines with frequent format changes
Individual configuration
Flexibly configurable, perfectly matched individual components
Minimal design and manufacturing effort
Minimizes configuration and production times by more than 80 % thanks to online configurator
Low weight
Ready-to-connect end effectors starting at 150 g net weight, ideal for high-speed applications
Excellent hygiene properties
FDA- and BfR-compliant high-performance thermoplastic, resistant to alkaline cleaning solutions
Assembly service
On request, we can supply a completely assembled and ready-to-connect gripper

(1) Flange plates for standard types of robots

(2) Flange modules rigid or rotating by 360°; can be extended (optional)

(3) Basic modules

(4) Connector node

(5) Top connector G3/8"-F or closed

(6) Bottom connector incl. sealing element G1/8"-F, G1/4"-F, G3/8"-F or closed

(7) Stabilization elements (available as a suction cup accessory)

(8) Screw cover (optional)

(9) Vacuum suction cups (can be selected from the Schmalz product range)

(10) Connection tubes

(11) Plugs for partitioning into different vacuum zones

(12) Plugs

(13) Solenoid valve for active blow off

(14) Vacuum modules flange modules with integrated vacuum generation

Vacuum end effectors VEE can be freely configured within the framework values. When used in connection with our wide selection of suction pads, the possibilities are practically endless.


Specification Specification Vacuum end effectors from the VEE system
Minimum configuration
Maximum configuration
Basic module 1-connection 4-connection
Suction pad connection thread G1/8“-F, G1/4“-F, G3/8“-F G1/8“-F, G1/4“-F, G3/8“-F
Gripper size (L/W) 38 x 38 mm 300 x 200 mm
Weight1 65 g 500 g
Qty. of suction pads 1 12
Workpiece sizes (L/W) 15 x 15 mm

400 x 300 mm

1without flange module and suction pad

Specification Specification Vacuum end effectors from the VEE system
Max. rated flow 60 m³/h
Max. vacuum value -980 mbar
Overpressure resistance up to 3 bar
Temperature range -25 °C to +80 °C
Material High performance thermoplastic (compliant with FDA guidelines)
Max. load capacity 2,000 g


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