Schmalz Connect Suite

Enhanced Services for your vacuum application

With the services of the Schmalz Connect Suite, intelligent Schmalz products and IO-Link components from various manufacturers can be parameterized, managed and analyzed quickly and easily.

A clear web front end gives users access to device and service data, allowing them to optimize processes and thus increase efficiency. The data is accessed independently of the PLC and fieldbus - without intervention in the controller.


Easy and quick integration of intelligent Schmalz products as well as IO-Link components from any manufacturer for the use of their added value functions
Commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and error analysis of the connected IO-Link components via a clear and intuitive web frontend
Contains our broad application know-how for increasing the efficiency of vacuum systems
Plug & Work: Does not require any intervention in the controller
Includes compact, robust hardware
Simple integration
Plug-and-work access to IoT data and transfer to further applications via open REST interface
No intervention in the control system
Identification, parameterization and management of all connected IO-Link devices from any manufacturer
Full transparency
Quick overview of all devices with status indicator in a clear browser dashboard
Increasing the efficiency of vacuum systems
Use of the comprehensive functions for energy and process control in Schmalz products
  • Software for parameterizing and analyzing IO-Link devices
  • Compact industrial PC with 24 V DC industrial power supply (1) and DIN rail bracket (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • Three separate Ethernet interfaces for OT (production) (2), IT (frontend) (3) and system management (4)
  • USB port (5) for software updates or Smart Device Interface SDI
  • IoT software
  • IO-Link compatible
  • Hardware with integrated Ethernet connection
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Energy & Process Control
Energy & Process Control
Energy and process control for intelligent Schmalz products with dashboard visualization, CSV export and REST API for integration into customer applications.
Overview of all connected devices for the machine operator with status light for monitoring and early detection of faults.
Device Management
Device Management
Management and parameterization of the devices via a user-friendly front end. Through the connection to the IODDfinder, IO-Link devices are automatically detected.
Event Log
Event Log

Aggregation of all error and warning messages of the connected IO-Link devices for fast error localization and correction.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Schmalz Connect Suite is a portfolio of digital services for vacuum systems based on the IoT operating system SICON.OS from GPS GmbH.
  • Data from sensors and actuators or machines can be easily connected for further processing in higher-level IT systems, e.g. ERP, MES (OT-IT-Connector).
  • The Schmalz Connect Suite aggregates and preprocesses the data from the device at edge level. The Schmalz Connect Suite provides various interfaces and apps for accessing the data, further processing the data in a customer-specific manner, or visualizing the data on premise (locally) or in the cloud.
  • The special approach of the Schmalz Connect Suite is the separation of real-time data for control and status information for services such as predictive maintenance or service on demand.
  • This means that the solution can be implemented without interfering with the control system and without affecting the running process.
  • Therefore, the solution is also very well suited for retrofits on existing plants.
  • No, the Schmalz Connect Suite generally works with all IO-Link devices without configuration.
  • Systems that do not have their own control system can also be connected without effort via a hardware plug.
RESTful API, OPC-UA, https, etc.
  • Pre-installed on the supplied hardware
  • Installation on-premise as a virtual appliance on your own hardware
  • Installation as a cloud solution.

Updates are included in the price for the first year. Afterwards, they can be purchased via an update package. The installation takes place automatically as far as possible. The prerequisite is the connection of the Schmalz Connect Suite to the Internet. 

The number of devices depends on the selected licence model. In principle, it is possible to connect up to 60 devices to a Schmalz Connect Suite. However, the data transfer rate decreases as the number of devices increases. With the virtual appliance or cloud solution, the number of devices depends on the computing power.

  • Connect:Devices: Device management and parameterization of all connected IO-Link devices from any manufacturer with a clear front end.
  • Connect:API: Provision of device data via an open interface (REST API) for integration into customer-specific applications, e.g. operating panel, ERP or cloud.
  • Connect:Monitor: Overview of all IO-Link devices for the machine operator to monitor with events and condition monitoring dashboard.
  • Connect:Events: Aggregation of all error and warning messages of the connected IO-Link devices.
  • Connect:EPC: Energy and process control with dashboard visualization, analytics and CSV export for vacuum technology.
  • In the production environment, operation is possible without the Internet.
  • IT-side secure protocols (https) and data encryption.
  • The IT and OT ports are separated on the software side by a firewall.
  • The Schmalz Connect Suite is compatible with the following IO-Link masters (as of December 2022):
    • Balluff
      • BNI PNT-538-105-Z063
    • Belden
      • 0980 ESL 399-121
    • Comtrol
      • IO-Link Master 8-PNIO (99605-7 / 99607-1)
    • IFM
      • AL1330
      • AL1202
      • AL1300
    • Pepperl + Fuchs
      • ICE3-8IOL-G65L-V1D
    • Turck
      • TBEN-L4-8IOL
      • TBEN-S2-4IOL
      • FEN20-4IOL
    • Schmalz SCTSi
      • Ethercat
      • Profinet
      • Ethernet IP
    • Other models or manufacturers on request

The commissioning and operating instructions for the Sicon.OS operating system can be found under the following link:

Yes, you can test the Schmalz Connect Suite for a certain period of time. For more information, please contact our sales consultants.