• Handling set ready-to-connect for lightweight robots and robots based on an intelligent, pneumatic vacuum generator
  • Includes the vacuum generator, flange, gripper and connection cable
  • Handling of suction tight or porous and uneven workpieces, such as cardboard
  • Use in fully automated processes with low cycle and evacuation times as well as in human-robot collaboration (MRK environment)
Product Highlights
  • Set contains all components for the quick assembly of a gripper ready-to-connect
  • Powerful, pneumatic vacuum generation enables short cycle times and high compensation of coating
  • Low overall height allows mounting directly on the robot arm with minimal height limitation
  • Control via digital robot outputs (I/O) or communication via IO-Link
Handling Sets RECB
  • Flange adapter plate (1) for mechanical connection to the lightweight robot or cobot
  • Electrical interface via cable with M12-5-pin plug connection (2)
  • Connection compressed air hose; optionally also on the rear side (3)
  • Integrated 7-segment display (4)
  • Flange for gripper connection (5)
  • Including bellows suction cups (6)
  • Vacuum generator including flange, gripper and connection cable
  • Suction rate up to 57.2 l/min and max. vacuum of 85 %
  • Lift capacity up to 10 kg
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and robots
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