Oil-free pump with constant suction rate, robust, requires little maintenance

Current typethree-phase current
Sound level at 50 Hz75 dB(A)
Voltage at 50HzD230V/Y400V ±10%
Voltage at 60HzD265V/Y460V ±10%
Suction rate (50 Hz)98 m³/h
Suction rate (60 Hz)112 m³/h
Vacuum (50 Hz)-900 mbar
Rated power 50 Hz3 kW
Rated power 60 Hz3.6 kW
Weight100 kg
Attribute Value
B 470 mm
B2 107.50 mm
d 12 mm
G2 G1-1/4"-F
G3 G1-1/2"-F
G5 M8-F
H 336 mm
H1 426 mm
H2 75 mm
L 844 mm
L1 863 mm
L2 140 mm
X1 398 mm
Y1 245 mm
Y2 122.50 mm
Attribute Value
Suction rate (50 Hz) 98 m³/h
Suction rate (60 Hz) 112 m³/h
Voltage at 50Hz D230V/Y400V ±10%
Voltage at 60Hz D265V/Y460V ±10%
Rated power 50 Hz 3 kW
Rated power 60 Hz 3.60 kW
Current type AC3
Current type three-phase current
Construction IE3:EU/CN/IND
Sound level at 50 Hz 75 dB(A)
Weight 100 kg
Protection type IP IP 55
Product family EVE-TR


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Ordering information: EVE-TR 100 AC3 IE3-TYP1 F

The vacuum pump EVE-TR comes ready to connect.  


Available spare parts: Filter insert, wearing part set
Available accessories: Vacuum limiter valve