Bellows Suction Cups FSGA (1.5 Folds) from Ø 110 mm

  • Round bellows suction cup with 1.5 folds for handling of cardboard, sheet metal and wood
  • Handling of large and heavy workpieces which can easily get damaged (optimal adaptation to convex surfaces)
Product Highlights
  • Large diameters for large, heavy, but also sensitive workpieces
  • Soft, tapered sealing lip adapts optimally to curved surfaces
  • 1.5 folds ensure high suction force and effective damping during placement on workpiece
  • High stiffness of the upper fold provides stability under horizontal forces and high accelerations
Bellows Suction Cups FSGA (1.5 Folds) from Ø 110 mm
  • Robust and wear-resistant suction cup FSGA (3) with single sealing lip, consisting of suction cup FGA (2) with 1.5 folds and connection plate (1)
  • Connection plate is screwed to suction cup FGA. Suction cup FGA can be replaced separately when worn
  • Suction cups with supports on the bottom
  • With each nipple family, the replacement cups and nipples can be combined as desired
  • Diameter: 110 and 150 mm
  • Material: NBR, SI
  • Supporting plate screwed to elastomer part
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