Christian Urmann – Development Engineer at Schmalz

Manager Product Development & Services, Vacuum Handling Systems

After completing my mechanical engineering degree in Karlsruhe, I spent six months working on an internship in India. I then applied to Schmalz. The economic situation at the time was hugely difficult. Despite the national economic crisis and my relatively brief time working in the German industry, Schmalz gave me the opportunity to start my professional life. The main reason I applied was its excellent reputation as a socially committed and progressive employer. I can only confirm this outstanding reputation now.

In my role as Development Engineer, I’m responsible for developing and designing devices for series production in the Vacuum Handling Systems business division. Initially, I was primarily involved with our vacuum lifting devices from the VacuMaster series. Nowadays, my scope of duties also includes series development for our vacuum tube lifter Jumbo. It constantly poses new challenges for me to master. I get to take on even more responsibility in my role as team leader, which I enjoy.

Apart from the job itself and the pleasant working environment within the company, I also find the Schmalz Academy to be excellent. I am always finding interesting training sessions and seminars to take part in. I also frequently take part in external training sessions to continue my technical development.