Cutting machine operator

This is where precision is in demand: Machinists produce components accurate to hundredths of a millimeter using processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding. They work with CNC machine tools, which they program and set up themselves. They then monitor the manufacturing process.

The training

Your training at Schmalz is not only cutting, but above all exciting. After you have gained basic knowledge in metal technology and acquired the necessary manual skills, you will manufacture components according to the most precise specifications. To do this, you will use modern metal-cutting machines - of course, the digital caliper must never be missing during this precise work. You will manufacture parts, plan and monitor the entire production process. This means that you will get to know the production programs inside out and ultimately be able to handle the lathes and milling machines perfectly.

At Schmalz, you will work in various departments, such as CNC production, quality assurance or tool dispensing.

After the apprenticeship, your career can continue to take off. So you can do your master craftsman, technician or technical specialist.