Bachelor of Engineering Electrical Engineering

Today, nothing works without electrical engineering - and just as little without electrical engineers. Their job is to drive and shape technical developments. As a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, you will acquire extensive knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, electrical engineering and information technology.

The study

From smartphones to cars and operating rooms to power plants and private homes - electrical engineering surrounds us in our private lives as well as at work. In your dual study program at Schmalz and at the Horb Campus of DHBW Stuttgart, you will learn to understand and perfectly master these technical systems. You will deal with electrical and electronic devices, plants and systems and the operation of transmission systems and communication networks. As an electrical engineer, you will of course also design and have an eye on the constant further development of our products. Even during your studies, you will be responsible for the development of electronic circuits and product software as a project manager. And not only in Germany: During your studies you will complete an internship semester at one of our subsidiaries abroad.

Your skills are particularly in demand in product development and in the test team. And because we at Schmalz also know that the future lies in electrical engineering, we also offer you the best career opportunities after graduation.