Industrial Mechanic

Industrial mechanics are technology professionals. They manufacture equipment parts and assemblies that are needed for machines and production facilities. They also set up or modify machines. They are responsible for ensuring that every cog in production meshes properly, which is why they also take on repair and maintenance tasks.

The training

Do you enjoy modern technology, are you good with your hands and like to work your way through complex issues? Then training as an industrial mechanic at Schmalz is just right for you. You will learn basic manual skills such as drilling, turning, milling and assembling parts according to drawings. You will also read and create technical work documents and then successfully implement them. If something doesn't run smoothly, you'll go troubleshooting and skilfully make the machines ready for use again.

Industrial mechanics are true all-rounders. That's why their work at Schmalz is important in very many areas: whether it's assembly at our company or at our customers', technical service, CNC production, product development, quality assurance or mechanical engineering.

And after that? That's not the end of the line: If you're ambitious, you can become a master craftsman or technician after your apprenticeship, or take further training to become a technical specialist. We offer you the best conditions for this.