Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology

Perfect results count here: Process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology produce components from polymer materials. They set up the machines for creating the materials, monitor the production process and check the quality of the products.

The training

A world without plastics? Hardly imaginable. That's why real experts are in demand these days: process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology. In the course of the three-year apprenticeship, you will decide on an in-depth specialization, such as molded parts. At the beginning of your training, you will learn everything important about the main materials: How are they composed? How are they manufactured? What do you have to pay attention to? After the theory, you will learn how to handle production machines, molding tools and the injection molding periphery. You will get a feel for good quality and thus ensure that our products are defect-free.

At Schmalz, you will work in the plastics competence team, and you will also be deployed in production and quality assurance.

The stuff that career dreams are made of: After your apprenticeship, you can continue your training to become a technician or a technical specialist, but you can also train to become an industrial foreman - with us at your side.