Training projects

Training at Schmalz is varied: from the initial project to get to know the company to trainee excursions to joint exam preparation - teamwork and fun are at the forefront of what we do. See for yourself.

Entry project 2019: Demonstration models for geothermal energy

To make it easier to get to know the company and familiarize themselves with it, the "newcomers" traditionally worked on a joint introductory project. The DH students had two weeks to develop new ideas for product demonstrations at trade shows. The project was concluded with a large round of introductions with the parents, the management and the training supervisors.

The new trainees had their own task: they were to work in groups to design a model depicting the process of generating energy from geothermal plants. The individual groups worked very enthusiastically to create great demonstration models, which they also proudly presented in a final event at the end of September.

Entry Project 2018: Ideas for a successful lunch break

As in previous years, our new trainees and DH students began their start in professional life with an introductory project. This year's topic was ideas for a successful lunch break. The young people then presented the results to their trainers and parents.

They received a lot of applause for their work: One group built a Hollywood swing that provides the necessary relaxation during the break. Two other groups demonstrated that fun and togetherness should not be neglected during the lunch break: they built an air field hockey table and a pit-pat game. The fourth group developed a multifunctional chair.

In between musical and culinary program items, the parents of the trainees were also able to experience for themselves that one is never too old to learn exciting new skills: the trainees taught them how to juggle in a small workshop.

Entry project 2017: What makes Schmalz?

We asked our new DH students this question. The result is four short films that answer this question in very different ways. Take a look for yourself at the funny, impressive and interesting stories that emerged.

We wish you a lot of fun and film off!