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Scalable Energy Storage with Redox Flow Battery Systems

Redox flow battery systems use fluid storage media to store energy. The storage media are kept in external tanks. The central component of the battery is the stack – a conversion unit for transforming the energy between electrical and electro-chemical. The amount and size of stacks and tanks and the related characteristics such as power and capacity can be scaled independently of each other with this battery technology. Significant aging mechanisms are dispensed with thanks to the use of fluid storage media. The redox flow battery systems can therefore be used to create durable storage systems tailored to a variety of applications. A decisive factor for the power and efficiency of a redox flow battery system is the quality of the stack used. Schmalz focuses its development work on this core component and provides stacks for integrators.

As part of the „Redox Wind“ project, a Redox flow large-capacity battery (2 MW / 20 MWh) will be installed in Pfinztal as a pilot plant at Fraunhofer ICT in 2017. For this purpose, Schmalz supplies the redox flow stacks.

Benefits for Integrators

  • Schmalz stacks give integrators the capabilities to implement their own redox flow battery systems
  • Integrators benefit from Schmalz‘s expertise
  • Schmalz produces tailored customer specific stacks as a reliable partner

"Sustainable entrepreneurship, innovative products and the highest level of customer orientation – these three attributes have been at the core of Schmalz's success for decades. By entering the market for electro-chemical energy storage systems, the company is now taking the next step into the future. In doing so, Schmalz is drawing from its far-reaching expertise with regard to production systems and plastics and handling technology."

Andreas Schiegl, Head of Business Development, Energy Storage

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  • Schmalz stacks for redox flow systems provide the heartbeat of a battery system and define the quality and power of the battery
  • Schmalz produces stacks on an industrial scale on location in Germany
  • The modular system enables the design of battery systems on a variety of size scales