Vacuum calculator

The Schmalz Calculator is a program by Schmalz which is free of charge. It permits easy and quick conversion of system variables and calculations for the layout of vacuum systems.

Numerous units and variables are clearly arranged in 14 primary groups on the calculator. These primary groups are located in the "Units Calculator". With just a few clicks, you can convert units here. For example, you can convert various units in the areas of flow rate, pressure, output, area, time, distance, energy, power, mass, etc. in no time at all.

Calculation of these general variables, however, is only one of the Schmalz Calculator's functions. When solving vacuum-specific calculations, the calculator turns out to be the real "expert".

The "vacuum calculator" provides you with information on:

  • Evacuation time for pumps
  • Suction diameter and area
  • Suction force
  • Suction capacity for pumps
  • Hose diameter

Schmalz's expert knowledge of vacuum technology and its long-time experience in the area of systems layout also form the basis for this calculator's programming. Values for the vacuum sector can hardly be calculated faster and more confidently.

Additional highlights:

  • Frequently used or needed start and target values can be assigned to the "Favorites" area
  • Decimal places can be set
  • The Calculator contains an integrated help

Download the Schmalz Calculator free of charge and test it! It consists of a ZIP file, which only needs to be extracted and copied to a folder. Start the EXE file contained therein and calculate!