Aluminium section for construction of vacuum-gripping systems

Width B80 mm
Height H40 mm
Length max.6,000 mm
Formwith 2 T-slots
MaterialAl Mg Si 0,5 F22
MO-PROF 80x40 2TN AL-1
Attribute Value
B 80 mm
B1 24 mm
B2 14.30 mm
B3 5.20 mm
d 4.60 mm
H 40 mm
H1 20.50 mm
H2 10 mm
s 4 mm
Length (max.) 6000 mm

Note: Additional costs for cut
Attribute Value
Area 12.10 cm²
Resistance moment Wx 14 cm3
Resistance moment Wy 19.30 cm3
Area moment lx 28.10 cm4
Area moment ly 77.20 cm4
Warping max. 0.80 mm/m
Material Al Mg Si 0,5 F22
Mass 3.30 kg/m
Product family MO-PROF

Note: There are additional costs for cutting!

Ordering information: MO-PROF 80x40 2TN AL-1

Mounting sections MO-PROF is delivered in the desired length.


Available accessories: sealing plate, sealing frame, section connector, mounting bracket, sliding block, drilling jig, self-cutting lens head screws