• Spring plunger for careful handling of flexible 3D components as well as for regular product changes
  • Highly responsive, lockable design for safe and reliable operation even in harsh usage conditions
  • Spring plunger with damping spring and special sliding bearings for handling of workpieces with differing heights, such as curved metal sheets, etc.
  • Handling of sensitive workpieces (such as sheets of glass) without additional control functions to prevent damage, since the plunger ensures soft placement
  • For handling tasks with very dynamic motion and short cycle times
Product Highlights
  • Infinitely lockable plunger stroke allows a wide range of applications
  • Position is held securely in the event of compressed air failure
  • Durable damping springs thanks to block protection
  • High-quality, very smooth-running sliding bearings for demanding applications and short cycle times
  • Suitable connection threads for a wide range of suction cups
Spring Plungers FST-LOCK-HD
  • Vacuum connection and axial vacuum feedthrough provided (1) by plunger rod
  • Locking unit (2) with display window for switching state (locked/movable)
  • Compressed air connection (3)
  • Mounting thread and block protector for spring (4)
  • Plunger rod with spring (5) and connection thread for suction cup (6)
  • Display of basic position (7) and locking (8) by means of sensors (SFP variant)
  • Connection: G3/8", G1/4"
  • Stroke: 50 and 100 mm
  • Version Heavy Duty with lockable push rod
  • Integrated vacuum feed
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