Basic Ejectors SBP-HV/HF With Plastic Main Body

  • Basic ejectors SBP-HV/HF for universal application in vacuum systems
  • Integrated ejector module for energy efficient vacuum generation because of eco nozzle technology
  • Body SFE made of lightweight plastic
Product Highlights
  • Powerful but energy-efficient vacuum generation
  • Air consumption optionally optimized for airtight (HV) or porous (HF) workpieces
  • Working vacuum is reached very quickly, leakages are safely compensated
  • Long service intervals, as insensitive to dirt; easy cleaning
  • Low weight due to plastic main body
Basic Ejectors SBP-HV/HF With Plastic Main Body
  • Lightweight, compact, integrated plastic ejector module (1)
  • Retaining cap SHC for fixing the ejector module (2)
  • Main body SFE (3) made of plastic with mounting holes (4)
  • Compressed air connection (5)
  • Vacuum connection (6)
  • Mounting for optional silencer (7)
  • Suction rate up to 309 l/min
  • For airtight or porous workpieces
  • Main body made of plastics
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