Lightweight Layer Grippers ZLW

max. 20 kg
max. 850 x 650 mm


Layer gripping system for automated EOL palletizing processes with lightweight robots
Feeding workpiece layers into production
Pick-and-place in the production process
Handling of various workpieces such as packages, packaging, pouches, jars, cans and buckets
Low gripper weight
Increased process efficiency and reduced initial costs through the use of robots with lower lift capacity
Variable suction area
Gripper design based on the workpiece layer
High energy efficiency
Minimized vacuum generation power due to suction grid design optimized for particular workpieces
Ready-to-connect palletizing solution
Optimally coordinated gripping system incl. vacuum generation and controllable valves
  • Rigid flange (1) for connection to common robots and portals
  • Optional: Spring-mounted flange to compensate for height differences in the workpiece layer (2)
  • Venting valve (3) to protect the gripper from overpressure
  • Gripper with sealing element made of plug-in suction cups (4) or sealing foam (5)

Order code

ZLW - RD - 850 x 650 - O20KS - 40 T
Code Type
ZLW Lightweight Layer Gripper ZLW


Code Type
RD Rigid
FL Spring loaded


Code LxW in mm
450x350 450x350
650x450 650x450
850x650 850x650


Sealing element
Code Height / diameter in mm
O10KS Sealing foam (H = 10)*
O20KS Sealing foam (H = 20)**
O10ZS Sealing foam (H = 10)*
O20ZS Sealing foam (H = 20)**
SPB2 40 SI Suction pad (∅ = 40)***


*Cone-shaped universal standard sealing foam
**Cylindrical universal standard sealing foam
***Plug-in bellows suction pads made of silicone


Code Distance between suction points in mm
20T 20
40T 40
50T 50
55T 55


Gripper dimensions 850 x 650 mm 650 x 450 mm 450 x 350 mm
Reference 1/2 Euro pallet 1/4 Euro pallet 1/8 Euro pallet
  Sealing plate Suction pad Sealing plate Suction pad Sealing plate Suction pad
Gripper weight (kg) 9,0 11,2 5,1 6,5 3 3,9


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Complete gripping system from a single source

We would be pleased to offer you a complete system specified to your requirements with optimally matched components.