Push-in Fitting, T

Thread G1G1/8"-M
Hose diameter8 mm
Operating temperature °C
Length L48.7 mm
STV-T G1/8-AG 8
Attribute Value
d 8 mm
G1 G1/8"-M
dn 5.50 mm
D1 14.10 mm
H 15 mm
H1 22 mm
L 48.70 mm
LG1 5.50 mm
SW1 13 mm
Attribute Value
Hose type Hose D = 8 d = 6
Hose type 8-6
Material Brass
Pressure range (operating pressure) bar
Operating temperature °C
Weight 51.60 g
Product family STV

Ordering information: STV-T G1/8-AG 8

Handling of flexible, non-rigid components


Handling of materials which are difficult to grip with vacuum, such as textiles, fleece, filters, woven fibreglass or carbon-fibre, woven aramide, foam materials, etc.