Renato Potocnjak – Technical Employee at Schmalz

Head of Jumbo Assembly, Vacuum Handling Systems

My first role at Schmalz was in logistics, where I was responsible for the internal supply of goods in the vacuum handling systems delivery process. After just a few months, I was given the opportunity to expand my field of duties significantly. From that point on, I was in charge of the work processes in the welding and paint shops. I took on responsibility for personnel and order planning there. After one year, I was appointed as the official deputy to the welding shop team leader. I am now the head of Jumbo Assembly myself. I was very proud and happy to take on this position. I’m delighted to have gotten the opportunity to develop myself in a variety of different roles at Schmalz.

My scope of duties is also very wide. Of course, alongside capacity planning and preparing the assembly processes, I’m also responsible for leading my team. It’s also important for me to still do my own manual work despite these organizational and management tasks. I actively work on assembling our tube lifters whenever time permits. The quality of the fully assembled devices is another of my responsibilities.

A special highlight of my time at Schmalz was a huge order of over 41 tube lifters. We worked together wonderfully as a team and delivered all the tube lifters in time to meet the customer's desired delivery date.

I take part in regular management training sessions to prepare myself for the future. These sessions are provided by the Schmalz Academy, and they show how highly Schmalz values staff leadership.