Mechatronics Technician

Mechatronics engineers have an eye for the big picture: They build mechanical, electrical and electronic components and assemble them into complex systems. They put finished systems into operation. They also program or install the associated software.

The training

Without mechatronics technicians, hardly anything runs smoothly in a large company - and this is also the case at Schmalz. During your varied training, you will not only learn how to assemble components and system parts into Schmalz products, install controls, test everything professionally, process metals or connect electronic components with mechanical parts, but also the necessary theory: You will read circuit diagrams and design drawings and know exactly when which action is necessary. You will always have the right answer to the questions "How does this work?" and "How do we get this to work?" after the training.

During your training, you will work with us in assembly, service, plant maintenance and repair, quality assurance, trade fair construction or you will support us in the development of new products.

We support you on your way to becoming a master craftsman or in further training to become a technician, a technical specialist or a PLC specialist.