The word is composed of the ancient Greek words for "household" and "divide" and describes the activity of the "oikonomos", the "good householder". Those who want to be economically successful in the long term need good economic skills. Important success factors for Schmalz: a solid financial basis and the courage to consistently focus on innovation.

Vacuum is full of possibilities

Whether vacuum suction pads, tube lifters or crane systems - Schmalz is the market leader in automation with vacuum and for ergonomic handling systems.

The possible applications are as varied as the production landscape itself. They range from medium-sized sawmills to large automotive groups and international smartphone manufacturers.

Vacuum can be used to handle wooden boards and body parts, cardboard boxes or even rotor blades of wind turbines, as well as chocolates or cookies.

On the move in dynamic markets

Schmalz has a correspondingly broad range of products. Products for vacuum automation are just as much a part of the portfolio as lifting devices. Highly specialised solutions for various industries, including industries with a large growth potential: Thanks to this strategy, Schmalz operates independently of economic fluctuations.

What's more, the company uses the dynamics of individual segments to further expand its position with innovative products and new business units.

Family business on course for growth


Since the entry into vacuum technology in 1984, the growth curve of the family business has only one direction: upwards. Schmalz has created 500 new jobs in the past three years.

The training ratio at the headquarters in Germany is 14 percent - significantly higher than in comparable companies in Germany.

20th location: Pasching/Austria

Since 2020, the company has also been represented in Pasching (Austria) and thus in more than 80 countries - both with its own locations and with trading partners.

Open for new things

From razor blades to transport devices and vacuum technology - Schmalz has always succeeded in identifying new developments, identifying relevant needs and continuously expanding its product range.

No wonder that Schmalz also plays a leading role in the areas of Industry 4.0, automation and robotics - for example, with products such as our bin-picking solutions for reaching into the box or the Schmalz Connect Suite software for networking IO-Link devices.