SQC Quick-Change System

With the SQC clamping system, you can set up your glass machining tool from Bystronic* even faster. The newly developed, tool-free quick-change system offers great advantages over conventional clamping methods: The base can remain on the machine table and only the suction cups or the cover are replaced. This shortens your machine setup time and prevents long periods of downtime for the entire production division.

Glass workpieces, such as automotive glass and designer glass, can be ground to a high quality on all sides due to the high friction force of the suction area. As well as square suction areas, round suction areas are now available. Your original machine equipment from Bystronic* can therefore be retrofitted on a one-to-one basis with Schmalz suction cups or mixed operation is possible.

  • Sealing frame (1) made of an HT1 material that leaves few marks
  • Square and round suction areas available (2)
  • Aluminum housing with break-joint (3)
  • Base with hollow bolt for long-term mounting on a machine table (4)
  • Covers for unused vacuum connections (protects change system from contamination) (not pictured)

Our highlights…

  • Quick-change system with suction cups for mounting
  • High absorption of lateral forces
  • Sealing frame made of an HT1 material that leaves few marks and can be replaced without tools
  • Height tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm
  • Wear-resistant friction pads on top and bottom surfaces of suction cup

Your benefits...

  • Setup times can be cut by more than 50 percent
  • Very high holding force on dry or wet glass
  • Mark-free workpiece surface
  • Maximum precision and accuracy in the dimensions of the finished workpiece
  • High lateral forces between the suction cup and table and between the suction cup and workpiece


To convert your machine table, first attach the base with a hollow bolt. The base can remain on the machine table. The suction cups can be easily attached to the base, to remove suction cups only one push button must be pressed. The covers are also attached and can be locked in a similar way to a bayonet fastener. The cover serves to cover vacuum connections that are not in use, thus protecting the system from contamination.

Place the suction area on the hollow bolt

Lower the suction area by pressing the push button

Attach the cover to protect against contamination

Suction area geometries for adaptation to the workpiece

*Bystronic is a registered trademark. The products listed here were developed by J. Schmalz GmbH to fit machines by this manufacturer.