Matrix-Plate for metalworking

Length L600 mm
Width B400 mm
Grid12,5 x 12,5
MPL 600x400x28 12.5x12.5 3x3
Attribute Value
B 400 mm
B2 9.50 mm
B3 3 mm
B4 200 mm
H 28 mm
H2 3 mm
L 600 mm
L2 9.50 mm
L3 3 mm
L4 200 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 18 kg
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.


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Ordering information: MPL 600x400x28 12.5x12.5 3x3

The Matrix-Plate MPL from Schmalz is supplied pre-assembled. The delivery consists of: 

  • Matrix plate made of aluminium with milled grid and, if necessary, with friction inserts, depending on the design 
  • Mechanical stops 
  • Hose fitting as vacuum connection 
  • Hollow screw for connecting several Matrix-Plates
  • Vacuum hose 

Available spare parts: Matrix-Plate stop, friction insert, sealing cord

Available accessories: hose fitting, vacuum distributor, connection set, tensioning claw, vacuum hose, hose clamp