Vacuum block for SCM/Morbidelli console - Type 4

Dimensions (LxB)120 x 50
Length L120 mm
Width B50 mm
Height H50 mm
Add. functionSensing valve
VCBL-S4 120x50x50 TV
Attribute Value
B 50 mm
B1 145 mm
H 50 mm
H2 27 mm
L 120 mm
L1 145 mm
L2 109 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 0.52 kg
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.

Ordering information: VCBL-S4 120x50x50 TV

The vacuum block VCBL-S is delivered assembled. The product consists of: 

  • Top suction plate type VCSP-O - elastomer part, available in various dimensions and suction surfaces
  • Main body made of plastic 
  • Bottom sealing frame 

Available spare parts: suction plate, sealing frame, touch valve TV, wearing parts kit

Available accessories: Suction plate (foam rubber)