Mounting Elements

Schmalz offers a broad product range of mounting elements to integrate grippers (suction cups or special grippers) into gripping systems. The following mounting elements can basically be distinguished:

  • Spring plunger
  • Sections, crossbeams and connectors
  • Jointed mountings
  • Holders and adapters

Vacuum End Effectors

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) allows fast, flexible configuration of end effectors for different processes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction cup connections is available to create the matching end effector.
Vacuum end effectors can be combined with many suction cups from the Schmalz product range (See “Vacuum Suction Cups”)


(1) Flange plates for standard types of robots

(2) Flange modules rigid or rotating by 360°; can be extended (optional)

(3) Basic modules

(4) Connector node

(5) Top connector G3/8"-F or closed

(6) Bottom connector incl. sealing element G1/8"-F, G1/4"-F, G3/8"-F or closed

(7) Stabilization elements (available as a suction cup accessory)

(8) Screw cover (optional)

(9) Vacuum suction cups (can be selected from the Schmalz product range)

(10) Connection tubes

(11) Plugs for partitioning into different vacuum zones

(12) Plugs

(13) Solenoid valve for active blow off

(14) Vacuum modules flange modules with integrated vacuum generation

Sections, Crossbeams And Connectors

These elements are used to build the basic structure of a vacuum gripping system. To reduce the number of hoses, you can build the sections as vacuum distributors with end covers and sealing frames.

Holders And Adapters

The suction cups are attached to the basic structure or the traverse with holders and adapters. Different types of aluminum sections or square and round tubes are available.

Spring Plungers

Spring plungers are used to compensate height differences of workpieces. They also cushion the impact of the suction cup and allow handling of fragile workpieces.

Jointed Mountings

Jointed mountings provide a better adaption of the suction cup to the workpiece due to the design of Flexolink FLK and ball joint KGL that can be swiveled in all directions.

Suctions Cups

(see „Vacuum Suction Cups“ or „Special Grippers“)

Our selection aid includes information that should be observed when selecting the right mounting element.

Schmalz Mounting Elements