Suction Cup Shapes

Suction cups from Schmalz can be divided into universal suction cups and suction cups for special applications. Universal suction cups cover a wide range of requirements. Suction cups for special applications were developed to meet the requirements of individual industries. They may be characterized by special properties, such as the handling of thin-walled and greasy body panels in the sheet metal industry or of porous and structured workpieces in the wood industry.

The following shapes are generally distinguished:

  • Flat suction cups
  • Bellows suction cups

Each suction cup shape offers advantages that are reinforced and optimized by the combination with a suitable material. The available suction cup materials are described in detail in the section “Suction cup materials“.

Flat Suction Cups

Flat suction cups are particularly suited for handling workpieces with flat or slightly curved surface. Flat suction cups can be evacuated quickly due to their flat shape and low inner volume, therefore they can grip the workpiece in a very short time and can withstand the forces which result from fast movement of the object during handling.

Advantages of flat suction cups

  • Large variety of different suction cup materials and shapes (round, oval, steep or flat leveling sealing lip)
  • Flat shape and low inner volume result in minimum evacuation times
  • Good stability of the suction cup allows for high shear forces
    and positioning accuracy while workpieces are picked up

Typical areas of application

  • Handling of smooth to lightly rough workpieces, such as sheet metal plates, cardboards, glass plates, plastic parts and wooden boards
  • In automated processes with short cycle times

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Bellows Suction Cups

Bellows suction cups are used when it is necessary to compensate for varying workpiece heights, to handle parts with uneven surfaces or fragile parts. The bellows make this suction cup especially flexible and adaptable.

Advantages of bellows suction cups

  • Good adaptation to uneven surfaces
  • Lift effect while picking up
  • Compensation of differences in height
  • Fragile workpieces are picked up gently

Typical areas of application

  • Handling of curved or uneven workpieces, such as body panels, tubes, cardboards, etc.
  • Handling of fragile workpieces, such as electronic components, injection molded plastic parts, etc.
  • Handling of non-rigid or flexible workpieces, such as packaged or shrink wrapped products

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