Safety - Ergonomics - Productivity

By Deciding on Schmalz, You’re Choosing …

Safety has a high priority at Schmalz

Maximum Safety and Reliability

Safety for the operator and process reliability are our main priorities when developing handling systems. All Schmalz products meet or surpass the currently applicable European and international safety standards:

  • Consistent observation of safety factors and compliance with safety regulations
  • Safe operation with warning and protective systems
  • Deliberated operating concept to prevent errors during operation
  • High-quality products that are “Made in Germany”
  • Comprehensive service package

Recommendation by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for implementing the European Directive 90/269/EWG

Working Ergonomically

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most often-cited reason for absence and sick leave from work. One cause of these disorders is lifting and carrying loads during the workday. Even when handling lighter loads, employees often move several tons per shift. For this reason, experts recommend using lifting aids for lifting and carrying even lighter loads.

Vacuum lifters from Schmalz are the perfect tools for lifting and carrying both light and heavy loads. The ergonomic working posture when using these tools is gentle on the spine and the muscles of the back, minimizing the risk of absences due to employee injuries.

Comparison of handling speeds between handling with the vacuum tube lifter and manual handling

Increased Productivity

Vacuum handling systems from Schmalz make your working processes not only more ergonomic, but also more productive:

  • Handling speeds at a consistently high level
  • Reduced work-related strain increases employee motivation
  • Unproductive downtimes, such as during machine loading, are reduced
  • Gentle handling minimizes waste