Complete vacuum system for connecting to lightweight robots

TypeHC20DT-B12 <2022
Construction shape vacuum switchSwitches to -
Control valveNormally open
Attribute Value
B 130 mm
B1 159 mm
H 131.40 mm
H1 137.40 mm
H2 20 mm
L 300 mm
L1 331 mm
L2 99 mm
L3 102 mm
dn 10 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 1.85 kg
Suction rate (max.) 525.90 l/min
Material type Foam O, Height 20 mm
Number of suction cells 45
Lift capacity (vertical) 80 N
Max. load (horizontal) 350 N
for Yaskawa

The technical properties of the robot types may vary by region. The stated compatibility of the set is based on standard European models.

Ordering information: ROB-SET FXCB YASKAWA O20

The robot set FXCB is delivered unassembled. The delivery consists of:

  • Area gripping system FXCB
  • Flange module MOD-FLAN (optional)
  • Connection cable ASK-B
  • USB stick with software (optional)

Available spare parts: flange module MOD-FLAN (optional), connection cable ASK-B, front foil MASK-FOL, solenoid valve EMV, sealing plate DI-PL, silencer SD

Available accessories: vacuum / compressed air hose VSL