• Compact gripping module for the design of flexible area grippers
  • Handling of flat and predominantly suction-tight workpieces in various shapes and dimensions
  • Targeted picking up and depositing of workpieces from complete storages and gripping of very thin workpieces
  • Ideal for loading and unloading continuous machines such as deburring and straightening machines in sheet metal processing
  • Removing and sorting workpieces from laser, punching, nesting and cutting machines
  • Automated handling of workpieces with a flat suction area and highly variable geometries
Product Highlights
  • Twelve individually controllable suction cups per module for maximum flexibility, especially when several modules are linked to form an area gripper
  • Fast set-up through simultaneous activation of all suction points of an area gripper
  • Integrated lift when activating the suction cup prevents incorrect parts from being sucked in
  • Efficient design and operation thanks to simple integration, low vacuum requirement and functional design
  • Self-locking of suctioned workpieces in the event of loss of actuator voltage
Matrix Area Grippers FMG
  • Valve unit (1) with solenoid valves, IO-Link connector (2) and mounting holes (3)
  • Central pneumatic connections for supplying the gripping module with compressed air (4) and vacuum (5)
  • Additional pneumatic connection for connecting a vacuum switch (6)
  • Lifting unit (7) with twelve suction cups with integrated lift
  • Pistons for connecting the suction cups with N016 Connector (8)
  • Central vacuum connection for external vacuum generation
  • Twelve individually controllable suction cups with integrated lift
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