Vacuum area gripping system with integrated pneumatic vacuum ball check valves

Length L838 mm
Width B130 mm
Number of suction cells44
Add. function1x Contr.-val. vacuum/blow off
DesignMulti-stage ejector SEMP
Construction shape vacuum switchSwitches to +
Voltage DC24V - DC
Air consumption500 l/min
Weight5.4 kg
FXP-S-SVK 838 3R54 SPB2-40P
Attribute Value
B 130 mm
B3 21.60 mm
H 105 mm
H1 144 mm
H2 55 mm
H3 7.70 mm
H4 5.50 mm
H5 28 mm
L 838 mm
L2 798 mm
L3 154 mm
Y1 90 mm
Valve type SVK
Attribute Value
Arrangement 3R54
Number of suction cells 44
Suction force at -250 mbar 480 N
Suction rate (max.) 1600 l/min
Air consumption 500 l/min
Sealing element Suction Cups
Add. function 1x Contr.-val. vacuum/blow off
Weight 5.40 kg
Product family FXP


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