Spring plunger with internal damping spring and height compensation

Vacuum connectionHose 6/4
ShapeLateral vacuum
Spring stroke Z20 mm
Shape mounting elements(electrically) insulating
FSTIm N016 6/4 L 20 IN
Attribute Value
B 23.20 mm
d 2.50 mm
dn 2.50 mm
D1 6.50 mm
G3 M10x1-M
H 78 mm
H2 29 mm
LG3 41 mm
SW1 14 mm
SW2 13 mm
Z (Stroke) 20 mm
Attribute Value
Shape mounting elements (electrically) insulating
Spring rate 0.05 N/mm
Spring pretension 0.50 N
Spring force, center 1.02 N
Vertical load 15 N
Horizontal load 10 N
Weight 23 g
Operating temperature 0 ... 80 °C
Product family FSTIm

Ordering information: FSTIm N016 6/4 L 20 IN

Spring plunger FSTIm is delivered assembled.


Available accessories: vacuum hose, hose sleeve