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Spring plunger with internal damping spring and height compensation

Suction cup connectionM3-F
Vacuum connectionM5-F
ShapeAxial vacuum guide
Spring stroke Z5 mm
Shape mounting elements(electrically) insulating
Design made easy!

Configure the FSTIm spring plunger including mounting element and associated suction cup to suit your application with ease using the new configurator from Schmalz! After the inquiry, you will receive the CAD model of the configuration and can implement this directly in the planning of the application.

Attribute Value
dn 2 mm
G1 M5-F
G2 M3-F
G3 M10x1-M
H 42.40 mm
H2 14 mm
LG1 4.50 mm
LG2 3 mm
LG3 19 mm
SW1 14 mm
SW2 8 mm
Z (Stroke) 5 mm

Recommendation: Avoid maximum plunger stroke Z during continuous operation to extend service life Ensure that the hose guide is free from distortion
Attribute Value
Shape mounting elements (electrically) insulating
Spring rate 0.06 N/mm
Spring pretension 0.50 N
Spring force, center 0.64 N
Vertical load 15 N
Horizontal load 10 N
Weight 17.50 g
Operating temperature 0 ... 80 °C
Product family FSTIm

Note: Spring force: Referred to 50 % of operating stroke Vertical loading: Maximum static loading Horizontal load: The specification of the horizontal load refers to the lower edge of the plunger with extended spring. It is a maximum static stress and it impairs the spring compression and extensionin horizontal position.

Ordering information: FSTIm M3-IG M5-IG A 5 IN

Spring plunger FSTIm is delivered assembled.


Available accessories: vacuum hose, hose sleeve