• Special gripper with permanent magnet for safe handling of ferromagnetic workpieces such as perforated sheets
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces with maximum holding force for thin workpieces
  • Use in stacking processes for various sheet thicknesses, for example in car body shop
  • For workpieces with 3D formed surfaces and for precise gripping around bores
Product Highlights
  • Safe gripping due to permanent magnet, even in case of power failure
  • High holding forces with thin workpieces
  • Extensive range of accessories and sensor technology for all common body shop applications
  • Robust design suitable for use in welding cells
  • High flexibility, as tooling connection also possible laterally
Magnetic Grippers SGM-HPm
  • Robust aluminum housing with permanent magnet and gripping element (1)
  • Bistable design: the magnet settings “grip” and “deposit” are maintained in event of power failure at the compressed air connection (5)
  • Mounting the gripper via thread on head side and on two sides; optionally with Schmalz holder system HTS (4)
  • Optional gripping elements for sheets with different thicknesses or 3D surfaces (2)
  • Optional centering pin (3) for precise gripping around bores
  • Optional proximity switch for switching state detection, component monitoring or double sheet detection; installation in housing groove
  • Diameter: 30 mm and 40 mm
  • Maximum holding force (at 2 mm workpiece thickness): 317 N
  • High holding forces with thin workpieces
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