Special area gripper for gentle and extremely dynamic handling of sensitive work pieces

Length L170 mm
Width B105 mm
Height H67.4 mm
construction shape compact ejectorsHigh vacuum
Number of stages2
STGG 170x105 QCMV HV 2 13 PEEK
Attribute Value
B 105 mm
d 6 mm
d2 14 mm
D2 97 mm
Dmk 46 mm
G1 G1/8"-F
G2 M4-F
G4 M4-M
H 67.40 mm
H2 10.50 mm
H3 56.90 mm
L 170 mm
LG4 7.60 mm
W 20 °
X1 55 mm
Y1 120 mm
Attribute Value
Holding force 85 ... 160 N
Suction rate 31 ... 38 l/min
Air consumption 18 ... 28 l/min
Pressure range (operating pressure) 3.0 ... 5.0 bar
Operating temperature 5 ... 60 °C
Weight 450 g
Product family STGG

Ordering information: STGG 170x105 QCMV HV 2 13 PEEK

Thin glass gripper STGG is delivered assembled.

Gripper available in various dimensions with integrated vacuum generation (1xE100 or QCMV) or with connection for external vacuum generation (QCM)


Available accessories: exhaust air set, holder system, suction / damping module, floating suction cup module, flange plate