Compact ejector with special nozzle technology for increased vacuum level

Nozzle diameter1.6 mm
Suction rate (max.)53.2 l/min
Air consumption suction105.6 l/min
Sound level free75 dB(A)
Pressure range (operating pressure)3.0 ... 6.0 bar
Max. vacuum-910 mbar
Control valveNormally open
FunctionDigital air-saving function
Protection type IPIP 65 (with plug)
Attribute Value
B 18 mm
B1 18.60 mm
d 4.40 mm
d3 2.60 mm
G1 G1/8"-F
G2 G1/8"-F
G3 M12x1-M
H 99 mm
H2 40.80 mm
H3 47.50 mm
H4 16.50 mm
H5 5.50 mm
H6 31.50 mm
L 135 mm
L1 148.40 mm
L2 91.50 mm
L3 22 mm
L4 29.50 mm
L5 83.80 mm
X1 36.90 mm
X2 16 mm
Y1 12 mm
Y2 12 mm
Attribute Value
Nozzle size 16
Degree of evacuation 91 %
Suction rate (max.) 53.20 l/min
Suction rate (max.) 3.20 m³/h
Air consumption suction 105.60 l/min
Air consumption suction 6.30 m³/h
Air consumption blow off 7.20 m³/h
Sound level free 75 dB(A)
Sound level suction 77 dB(A)
Pressure range (operating pressure) 3.0 ... 6.0 bar
Connection G02
Control valve Normally open
Weight 0.21 kg
Max. air consumption blow off 120 l/min
Operating temperature 5 ... 50 °C
Pressure range (operating pressure) 43.5 ... 87.0
Air consumption blow off 4.24 cfm
Air consumption suction 3.73 cfm
Suction rate (max.) 1.88 cfm
Max. vacuum -26.87 inHg
Product family SCPS


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Ordering information: SCPS-UHV-HD 16 G02 NO NPN

Compact ejector SCPS-/ SCPSb-/ SCPSi-UHV-HD is delivered as a ready-to-connect product (without connection cable).

Available accessories: connection cable, distributor, top-hat rail clamp, filter, compressed air connection plate, mounting set