• Round suction plate for handling of sheets, furniture elements, parquet and similar large, flat workpieces
  • Handling of wooden parts with rough surfaces
Product Highlights
  • Soft sealing lip adapts optimally to uneven workpieces
  • Double internal sealing edge provides optimum sealing on rough and smooth surfaces
  • Special structure of the suction cup bottom enables applications with highest dynamics and short cycle times
  • Seal can be changed quickly and without tools
Suction Plates SHF
  • Suction plate SHF consisting of sealing ring (3) and aluminum mounting plate (1)
  • Side connection (2) normally sealed with a screw plug (glued into position for extra safety)
  • Sealing ring clipped securely onto supporting plate with positive locking (can be changed without tools)
  • Double internal sealing edge (4) for better sealing to rough surfaces
  • Optional touch valve can be ordered separately (use medium-strength locking compound for installation)
  • Filter screen available optionally
  • Diameter: 125 to 210 mm
  • Material: NK
  • Supporting plate securely clipped to elastomer part

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